Springfield, Ohio.

Springfield, Ohio.

Lonely Tecumseh, Springfield, Ohio.

Built 1922.

Springfield, Ohio.

“He who loves an old house 
will never love in vain; 
For how can any old house 
Used to sun and rain 
To Lilac and to Larkspur 
And arching trees above, 
Fail to give its answer
To the heart that gives it’s love.”


Almshouse, Greene County, Illinois.

The Heritage Center, Springfield, Ohio.

Bushnell Building, Springfield, Ohio.

Built 1893.

The Wright Brothers obtained their patent for the airplane from patent attorney Harry Toulmin, whose office was on one of the upper floors. In 17 years, Toulmin created five patents for the brothers.

Castle Knoll, Springfield, Ohio.

Built for Phineas P. Mast between 1880-1882 at a cost of $250,000. Cabinet makers and stone masons were brought in from Italy to construct the home.

Castle Knoll. Springfield, Ohio.

Crowned Queen, Springfield, Ohio.

Full Moon Rising, Out Wayne, West Virginia.

Full Moon Rising, Out Wayne, West Virginia.

Neville Penn Schoolhouse Road, Felicity, Ohio.